Gobosh G700s Flight Simulator

UCF Senior Design Group 11 Fall2009/Spring2010

Christopher Dlugolinksi, Robert Gysi, Joseph Munera, and Lewis Vail

Project Description

The project we developed is a flight simulator based on the popular GoBosh G700S, a US import variant of the Polish-built Aero AT-4 Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). The GoBosh 700S flight simulator was designed to provide a realistic and fun simulated flight experience for every experienced and aspiring pilot. This simulator consists of six analog flight instruments and three flight controls similar in apearance as well as responsiveness to what is found in the actual GoBosh 700S aircraft. Our project utilizes the capabilities of the USB interface, modular design, and software programming.


Our project was sponsored by a local flight instructor, Mr. Dave Kotick on behalf of his business Grizzly Aviation as well as GoBosh. The purpose of the simulator is to be utilized in two possible roles. The first is for it to be utilized as an instrument through which sales of this aircraft can be increased, by providing an interactive environment through which the plane’s ease of use can be experienced firsthand. The second intended role for our project is to increase the client base for Grizzly Aviation, the flight instruction business Mr. Kotick runs. Here the simulator would again demonstrate the ease of flying for the LSA category of aircraft and act as a vehicle to show potential student-pilots the short amount of flight training an LSA license requires. Our project was funded in whole by our Mr. Kotick and was delivered to him upon completion.

Sponsor Contact info

Grizzly Aviation LLC

1321 Apopka AIrport Rd
Hanger - Unit 13
Apopka, FL 32712


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