Create Your Own Game

For your course project you will be creating your own game. You can either work alone or in teams of two. Starting with your own game idea, you will need to think about the elements that will make your game interesting and fun to play. Also keep in mind the time it will take you to complete the game, so keep it simple. Once you have your basic design you can start to program the game. At the end of the class, your games will be judged and a winner determined. The game will be judged on the following criteria:

The winner will win a price.

Milestone 1: Project Idea and Design

For milestone 1 you will need to come up with an idea for a game. It is important that you write down the general design of the game. Your design should describe what the goal, the rules, and the obstacles of the game are. You also want to explicitly explain the gameplay hooks you are using. Drawing a map of your level may also be helpful.

Milestone 2: Game Flow

For milestone 2 you will need to plan out your game by creating a flow chart. By properly planning your game you will be able to prevent major flaws in your design and hopefully avoid drastic changes in your code later on. You should plan to have a main menu screen and a credits screen. If you are using sound, you can choose to add a settings screen to adjust the volume.

Milestone 3: Game Implementation

For milestone 3 you will implement your game design using the elements learned in class. For a polished game you may want to consider to incorporate the following elements:

However, remember that the actual game is the most important thing. So focus on the gameplay first!!! Then you can add the polish.
There will be periodic progress checks to ensure you are on the right track!