I received Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Central Florida, where I worked as a Research Assistant at IAL (Intelligent Agents Lab) directed by Prof. Gita Sukthankar. Before that, I received my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran. I have been working on leveraging data mining and machine learning techniques for different aspects of Social Media Analysis. My work at IAL lab was centered on analyzing Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) which can serve as a unique laboratory for studying large-scale human behaviors.


During past eight years, I have worked and done internship for several outstanding companies both in Iran and here in the United States.



University Of Central Florida - IAL Lab


Salesforce - Data Scientist Intern : During my internship at Salesforce, I prepared >30 GB user history data and performed ETL with Spark RDD transformations, actions and Spark SQL. Also, I evaluated feature importance related to Salesforce’s S1 mobile platform user churn rate, using Random Forest (Sklearn) and Regularized Logistic Regression (Spark, Sklearn). The results where then presented as insights in an interactive user-friendly Web-page search engine (Python cherry-py, elastic search). Along with all data preparation and machine learning tasks, I was able to use R Shiny to create interactive apps in order to represent results from several experiments I applied on our datasets (Decision Trees and K-means clustering). Finally, we were able to predict user churn rate using General Additive Models, combined with feature clustering, to understand non-linear patterns between user churn rate and related monthly platform usage features.

Corvana - Machine Learning Intern : During my internship at Corvana, I designed and implemented fast anomaly detection algorithms for streaming data analysis. Models were benchmarked against state-of-the-art to ensure accuracy and scalability. Codes were written in Java, python and scala and were run over large scale data.

University Of Central Florida - Research Assistant : I have been working on leveraging data mining and machine learning techniques for Social Media Analysis. Lately, my work has been centered on analyzing Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) which can help us better understand human relationships.

Avaafzar - Web Developer : I started as a software and web developer helping my company to improve user interface and performance of our library management system called AvaLib. After three years of hard work, I became the project manager for the same software. PERL, HTML and jQuery were mostly used as programming languages and MySQL as database management system for this project.


I'm a Computer Science PhD Candidate at University of Central Florida. Passionate about science, with professional experience, strong technical and interpersonal skills. Currently, I am working on the following projects:

• Travian Data Analysis (Ongoing) : I am working as a lead data scientist in this project. This research aims to study and model human behaviors across game worlds with different objectives. We have access to two browser-based MMOGs: Travian and Game X. I have prepared a MySQL version of the dataset useful for link prediction and community detection research purposes. If you want to have access to this dataset please contact us via: Travian Data Page. (Programming Language(s): Python, Java - Database: MySQL - Other tools: Spark, Hadoop)

• Twitter Data Analysis : In this study, we examined political polarization over climate change within the American public. Analyzing data containing tweets from 315,862 users led us to a rich database of 400 millions tweets. Using a combination of RandomForest classifier, text mining techniques and our rigorously constructed dataset, we were able to predict users political leanings. (Programming Language(s): Perl, Java - Database: MySQL)

Above projects along with others, have led to a series of publications and useful codes which you can find a list of them in this page.

Social Networks


Link Prediction

Community Detection


Computer Science, University of Central Florida (Jan 2013 - Present) - Advisor: Dr Gita Sukthankar

Master's Degree

"Artificial Intelligence, Shiraz University (Sep 2010 - Sep 2012) - Advisor: Dr Ali Hamzeh

Bachelor's Degree

Software Engineering, Shiraz University (Sep 2005 - Sep 2009)


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