Workshop Focus

The focus of this workshop is to present and discuss recent advances in the wireless technologies for delivering the broad classes of new generation video contents. The workshop will have the goal of understanding the research and deployment challenges in building the Next Generation Mobile Video Internet. The workshop can also create an interesting forum for discussion given the various choices we have in terms of wireless technologies and various approaches in terms of delivering the video (not to mention the difference in beliefs in terms of how IPTV will be delivered over cellular networks). Specifically, the workshop intends to address the following topics: a) Research challenges in developing new techniques for delivering rich video experience to users over existing wireless technologies; b) New visions and concepts that will drive evolution of wireless access technologies to support high definition video content with diverse QoS requirements; c) Deployment challenges in new video delivery models (broadcast/multicast) to mobile users.

The proposed workshop aims to foster interaction among researchers and exchange new ideas by bringing together members of the video and networking communities. The workshop will provide an interesting venue to discuss widely varying beliefs and understanding being formed among the academic and industrial communities in terms of how next generation mobile video content should delivered to end-users.