Advances and Applications of Mobile Video Technologies

    Moderator: Shivajit Mohapatra, Motorola Research Labs, USA


    Oskar Juhlin: Dr. Juhlin is the director of the mobile life studio at Stockholm University. His research focus is in creating and understanding next generational experiences for mobile users. His research draws on multiple disciplines such as interaction design, sociology, art etc., to study, design and innovate around mobile experience design. His group continues to do very interesting work in the areas of social media distribution and consumption, interactive user experiences, mobile human computer interaction and mobile experiences.

    Wei Tsang Ooi: Dr. OOi is a professor at National University of Singapore where he leads the NEMESYS research group on interactive media and networked systems. His work is mostly concentrated in the areas of multimedia systems and applications, video streaming and distributed virtual environments.

    Nabil Sarhan: Dr. Sarhan is a professor at Wayne State University where he heads the Multimedia computing and networking lab. His research focus has been mostly in the areas of power optimization and modeling for video streaming, Quality of service for video applications and resource management for video applications.

    Roger Zimmerman: Dr. Zimmerman is a professor at National University of Singapore where he leads the media management lab and does research in the areas of peer-to-peer multimedia streaming, media streaming architectures, media characterization/summarization, and various other topics. He is also serving as the TPC chair for MMSys 2013 which is the parent conference of MoVid.